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What is Weed Pen?

At www.weedpens.ca we have done a lot of work speaking to consumers of cannabis and other people in the marijuana community to find out what it is they really want in an online weed delivery service. Research showed us that consumers across North America even in Canada where it is federally legal and there is no shortage of brick and mortar marijuana dispensaries people prefer online marijuana delivery services. Not only that but we have found that one of the favorite ways of consuming cannabis across Canada is weed pens and if you don't know what a weed pen is and you love cannabis you're going to love this! Basically a weed pen contains cannabis extract of high quality and high dosage though there are some available on the market that are CBD only. In terms of cannabis delivery we at weedpens.ca have found that weed pens are popular with all demographics of cannabis users - business owners, women, people who prefer vaporing. Everyone has their own reasons but many describe how they like the no muss no fuss factor and the ability to medicate or just get really high without having to take the time to roll a joint while others express how they depend on their weed pen for situations where they're not comfortable rolling or pulling a joint out of their pocket.

Here at weedpens.ca we are committed to offering the very finest product available online or off. We are committed to sourcing the finest cannabis for use as the raw product and we ensure that all the products that we offer are safe sophisticated and user friendly and if you have any questions about anything available on our site or if there is anything you would like to see here that you don't already see we would be happy to look into it and find out if we can make it available for you we encourage you to try our weed pens to see if they are right for you. Some people use them medicinally others recreationally. Please remember that weed pen dosages are normally stronger then raw flower. There are also many different kinds of weed pens - some disposable some with replaceable cartridges and of course if you're a cannabis user you're familiar with different kinds of strains just like with flower you can get weed pens in indica, sativa or hybrid in hundreds of strain varieties.