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Undercover Weed Pens!

Date: 22th February 2021

Whether you order weed online or buy at Cannabis retail stores, you’ve seen them. Even if you aren’t a cannabis consumer yourself, and even if you don’t know any cannabis fans (how likely is THAT in Canada in 2021?) we’re pretty sure you’ve walked by people using them, and you probably never even noticed. We are talking about the now ubiquitous weed pens, cannabis oil or shatter vape pens, which have become increasingly popular not just in Canada, not just North America wide, but around the world. They’re popular in Israel, they’re popular in Europe - in fact in places where weed isn’t legal, they are even more popular than they are here in Canada, and that’s a pretty high bar! We recently talked to a Canadian cannabis influencer who spent some time at medical cannabis conferences overseas, where authorities frown on recreational use of cannabis - and there are no allowances for medical use by tourists.

It was reported that in three days of a medical cannabis conference in Europe, there was a nary a joint to be seen - but one traveller from Israel pulled out and shared a weed pen, and some locals showed up two days in with cartridges that could slip into any ecigarette pen, and suddenly canna business travellers from around the world were standing on the street corner in front of the event and in front of the casino, smoking with impunity, with nobody noticing the weed pens were any different from the ecigarettes other tourists and locals were using. The flavoured ones are even more undercover! They truly just seem like ecigarette products, with no hint that it’s cannabis, allowing people to medicate.

Here in Canada,two years after legalization, if you buy weed online or if you go to an official cannabis retail store,and ask the budtenders, you will see there is a huge range of cannabis pen products available. The legacy market, of course, offers pens that pack a real punch - after all there is nothing like a legacy master grower, and the first step to making a good weed pen is using superior product - and that starts in the soil, in the seed, in the grown plant, in the bud, and in the extraction process. Every step of this process is key and this is why we see such superior product offered by the legacy market, online dispensaries.