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Weed Vape Pens, A Modern Way to Smoke Weed

The Canadian marketplace first became familiar with weed vape pens a few years before legalization, as legacy brands across North America started making them available through early street dispensaries. Some like the Shatterizer, an increasingly well known Canadian product, allow for extract to be placed inside the pen. Others prefer disposable weed vape pens that come with replaceable cartridges filled with a cannabis infused oil base.

They have become increasingly popular for many reasons. In the days before legalization they were prized as a subtle way of smoking recreationally and even more valuable to the medical smoker who wanted to get a quick hit of medication without rolling and taking the time out to smoke a whole joint. There were reports of people using them with impunity in restaurants and even on buses - they don’t emit much of a smell if any, and most people standing right beside someone smoking a weed vape pen might assume they were just smoking a cigarette - perfect for work! In the last few years the product has become increasingly more sophisticated with technical improvements and with improvements that make a difference in the control of the vapor or smoking experience. Now you can get different strains in your pens as well, and there are all kinds of pen styles available for those who prefer a battery with replaceable syringes.

There are also many disposable options available now and since they have started to become available in cannabis online dispensary during what has been dubbed legalization 2.0, so now more and more people know that weed vape pens exist in Canada - so while they are no longer as surreptitious as they were at one time they are still a convenient and preferred option for many. Good news! On our menu you find the very best cannabis products of all kinds and of course our selection of weed vape pens, Canada, is no exception. If you have any questions about weed vape pens, we are happy to answer them and we encourage you to research and see if this method of consumption is the best one for you! Many people of all ages have found this to be their preferred method of cannabis consumption ever since the option was introduced to the local market - so if you haven't tried yet make sure you do!