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Suddenly in 2020 there was a period of time when the whole world found themselves in the same place. At home on thier sofa, Online weed stores noticed an immediate uptick in customer orders and customer interest whether they were cannabis dispensaries to online weed dispensaries in Milton from right across Ontario cannabis shops of all kind were announcing a higher than usual surge in buying patterns. Some experts were saying this was as a result of panic buying with weed smokers like other consumers stocking up during covid19 with their most essential products, but many also began to point out that it wasn’t just that - cannabis really was helping many cannabis consumers get through the stress and upset of isolation and worry in a more healthy way, And how were they relaxing and chilling out? A lot of them were learning how easy it is to order weed online. If you are here looking for similar answers, you have come to the right place. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have or just help you in any way to make the process easier. After all in these most stressful of times, everyone needs to know where to get a little weed! An online cannabis dispensary in Canada started asking customers how they were getting through these confusing times, and they were answered with the names of various strains on their virtual shelves ! All jokes aside, it is interesting to note that cannabis stores and dispensaries and delivery services were able to remain open or open for delivery or curbside pickup at a time when many other kinds of businesses not deemed so essential were not. From illegal product to government declared essential service -cannabis uers can proudly say we’ve come a long way, baby!