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Incredible changes in the Canadian marketplace

In just a few years the landscape related to cannabis dispensaries has gone through some incredible changes in the Canadian marketplace. From the days when compassion clubs were truly rare, secret, and only served a very sick population to the proliferation of recreational dispensaries popping up to serve everyone over the age of 19 as the political promise of legalization arose in the 2015 to 2017 era.

There was a time when there literally seemed to be a dispensary on every corner on most major cities. People got used to the variety, the ease of access and cannabis as a regular consumer product normalized in brightly lit stores. Then came a crackdown on the illegal storefront dispensaries sadly shuttering many that patients had come to depend on. People had grown to depend on them and were relieved when online dispensaries popped up to fill in the void.

In the meantime in different provinces different rules rose up in to regulate legal brick and mortar dispensaries though nothing compared to the number that had previously been on most city streets. It is incredible how in just a few short years after a hundred years of prohibition people have become accustomed in just a few short years to seeing it as a regular consumer product that they expect easy access to.

It has also been pointed out by many commentators that it went from an illegal product that could send its vendors to jail to something even governments were calling an essential service in just a few short years - an incredible trajectory that many would have called impossible just a few short years ago. And now it is the biggest emerging industry in the world. No one can deny - weed won! A truly amazing story of health freedom and international advocacy

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