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Weed Pens Growing In Popularity

Date: 05th February 2021

Budtenders across the country are reporting the same thing we are hearing regularly from those who prefer to buy weed online - Weed pens are becoming increasingly popular among those who love to smoke weed. Whether they order weed online or buy it in a retail store, consumers are telling us - with their dollars - that they love this method of consumption. Here, we're going to do a deep dive into the world of the weed pen. If you haven't tried this pocket friendly weed wonder, read on! First the basics - they have been around for years, so longtime cannabis community members with access to the legacy market will be familiar with most of this! They first showed up several years ago in legacy retail stores and on mail order websites pre legalization and now variants of those originals are now sold in government stores - something that still amazes longtime cannabis community members who clearly remember not that long ago the government was engaging in a lot of fear based reefer madness type propaganda against all forms of cannabis extracts!

How times change...and we should be grateful that Weed Won! Propaganda lost! Today of course, Canadians are free to enjoy cannabis in whatever format they prefer - and a lot of them love the convenience and ease- not to mention the great high - they get from weed pens! Among those who buy weed online, they are certainly popular. Some people prefer the disposable brands - no charging necessary - just pull it out of your pocket and suck! Others like to buy their battery and purchase new cartridges of different strains to try out. Whichever kind you prefer, you have probably already discovered that, like bud, they come in a lot of different strains under the indica, sativa, and hybrid categories. If you haven't tried shatter pens yet, grab one in your next order.

We're sure you will become a fan! Some use them regularly as a replacement for joints, some use them to help quit ecigarettes, some choose them because they are turning away from smoking and towards vaping, and others tell us they keep one in their pocket or purse for a quick toke when speed or discretion is advised. Remember a haul on a shatter pen packs way more punch than a joint - so you might not want to be driving or operating heavy machinery! Its great to get high or relax!