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Cannabis Online Dispensary Canada, Scarborough to Windsor, and online weed dispensary Milton to Brantford - right across Ontario - are fielding lots of extra requests from people province wide more than ever in the age of Covid19. When governments around the world first announced stay at home orders, lock downs, quarantines and social distancing media reports from everywhere that cannabis was legally sold from provinces to states showed that people were not only panic buying toilet paper - but they were panic buying tons of weed too! Many chose to order weed online for the first time ever, whether or not they ever had before. Even before corona took over the news cycle, reports from everywhere that consumers had been questioned about it showed cannabis consumers were already showing a clear preference for an online weed store that could provide delivery options with same day delivery being absolutely the most popular option of all. Cannabis sales went through the roof in the brick and mortar stores while they were still open with curbside delivery becoming the only option they could offer in many municipalities. Soon this began to change when the law allowed for some of the brick and mortar stories to allow people to order weed online giving them the option to stay safe at home while allowing their weed to be delivered right to their door with no hassle. Though some reports are starting to say that buying patterns for weed are starting to relax, with people not stocking up in massive amounts in fear that it will no longer be available, people are still spending a whole lot of money on cannabis as they are stuck sheltering at home, and who could blame them? Sit home, smoke, relax! What could be better than chilling out instead of worrying! PUFF!